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Ward Brothers Workshop

3195 Sackertown Road, Crisfield, MD 21817

Ward Bros workshop.png

The workshop as you see it today consists of three buildings. It all started in the small building on the left where Steve stored his gardening tools and the brothers did a small amount of carving for their own use. The center section was part of the original Barbershop. The boys gave up barbering for carving full time in the mid-60's, and moved the barbershop back off the roadside and next to the original building. Finally, when things got too crowded, Lem added his "Lean-To" on the right side of the barbershop. This completed the structure as we know it today.

The Crisfield Heritage Foundation now owns the original workshop and is charged with its restoration and maintenance. These photos of the inside show some of the original artifacts which remain just as Lem and Steve left them. You can tour the workshop during designated weekends during the year.

WW Bandsaw.jpg

Above is the original bandsaw used by the Ward brothers which is still in the workshop.

The photo to the left is of Lem Ward's painting room. It is located in the part of the shop that used to be his "Lean-To".

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