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Your membership – along with donations to CHF – help keep Crisfield’s heritage alive through support of our entities, including the J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum, the historic Ward Brothers Workshop, the Cedar Island Marsh Sanctuary project, and the new Crisfield Custom House project. Thank you for considering becoming a member!
Benefits of Membership

All membership levels are entitled to free admission to the museum, advanced email invitations (with valid email) to events, at least 10% discount on purchases in the Gift Shop and advanced purchases of Crab Derby T-shirts

Additional Membership Benefits by Level

$35 Individual

$50 Family: Member benefits for two adults and all children/grandchildren under 18.

$150 Sponsor: Family benefits, additional 5% discount on Gift Shop purchases, and 10% discounts on CHF Facility rentals.

$250 Contributor: Sponsor benefits, a personal tour of the J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum, 10% discount on programs & classes and advanced invitations to special events.

$500 Patron: Contributor benefits, plus one free CHS t-shirt.

$1000 Benefactor: Patron benefits, plus a second free CHS t-shirt.

3 Easy Ways to Become a Member!

Download an Application                        Click the 'Buy Now' Button                             In Person at the Museum

3 Ninth Street, Crisfield MD 21817

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