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J Millard Tawes Museum

3 Ninth St., Crisfield, MD 21817


Ward Brothers Workshop

3195 Sackertown Road,

Crisfield, MD 21817

The Tawes Museum highlights the heritage of Crisfield and surrounding areas.  The museum shares the story of Chesapeake life starting with the first humans to inhabit the area over 10,000 years ago to the era of when Crisfield was the seafood capitol of the world.  

It is located in the heart of Crisfield’s Historic District located in Somers Cove Marina.

The museum is also the location for the gift shop with many Chesapeake themed items and locally created art.  Among the favorite items we offer at the gift shop is our line of cookbooks featuring local recipes where you can learn the secrets of preparing many of our world-famous delicacies. The gift shop is also the largest seller of regional books in the area.

If you’re a fan of carving, wildfowl or the overall culture of the Chesapeake Bay, you want to come visit the original Ward Brother’s Workshop. The Ward Brothers, Lem and Steve, are the icons of the wildfowl carving community.  The brothers were born in the last decade of the 19th century and carving ducks was passed onto them from their father.  The brothers were born, raised and spent their lives in the 'Down Neck' area of Crisfield. 

The Workshop will be open on select days from May through October.  Please see the events page for specific days and times.  It is also open for tours by appointment. Contact Us or call 410.968.2501 to arrange a tour of this piece of Chesapeake Bay history.

Cedar Island marsh.png

Cedar Island Marsh Sanctuary

Cedar Island Marsh Sanctuary is  a wonderland for everyone from birdwatchers to marine biologists.  There are over 300 acres to explore in the sanctuary and it is used by everyone from teachers to kayakers.

Cedar Island is a co-managed project shared between the CHF, City of Crisfield and Lower Shore Land Trust.  To ensure the sanctuary remains in its pristine condition, we ask you obtain permission prior to use.  We’re happy to issue a permit and you can obtain one for yourself, family or students by Contacting Us or calling 410.968.2501

Crisfield Customs House.jpg

Customs House

906 W Main St, Crisfield MD 21817

The Customs House, in downtown Crisfield, was the site of the U.S. Postal and Eastern District Customs Office  in the early 20th Century.  This building exudes the historical ambiance of the Port of Crisfield.

The Customs House is currently undergoing renovation, please visit the Customs House webpage to learn more about this project.

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